, this website is created to educate drone fans on the use and picking the right drone for them.  So far only few sites is dedicated to this new piece of  amazing technology, our goal is to provide a venue for drone experts, hobbyist and for those who are planning to buy their own drone, whether it is used for business or for just a hobby.

If you are one of us please join us on Facebook like our page or join our group, share your drone photos and experience, let’s create a community. As the name of our domain suggest we focus more on smaller or what we called micro drones but we also adding a section for much more larger commercial drones.

If you have any questions, recommendations please feel free to message us on our facebook page.

If you want your quadcopter or drone products to be reviewed as send us a message on Facebook. We put a two week ad of your product at our site for free with every drone you sent us for a review.

News and Reviews of the latest and the best Small Drones

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