Best Foldable Drones Available at Lazada Philippines

Want something high-tech as a gift or just one something new this year? Want a high tech toy? If you want one, I think a drone is all that you need. We have here a list of drones, these are the newest drones in the market, its light, portable and foldable drones. These drones are available at with FREE SHIPPING as well as Express Delivery.

Well, here are the lists of the best foldable drones spotted at Lazada Philippines

JXD 523 Tracker Foldable Drones

Features: 720P camera with real time video streaming to smartphone. Flying features are headless mode, altitude hold mode, 3D rollover.

Camera: 720P camera.

Battery Life: 7-8 minutes with charging time of 60 minutes

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SkyTech TK110 Foldable Drone

This might be bigger compared to other drone listed here. But SKytech TK110 do have some great flying features.

Features: Hover mode, easy flying of drone with its altitude mode, 720P camera.  Foldable arms with landing skid.

Camera: 720P camera

Battery Life: 8 minutes of flying time

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JJRC H37 Elfie Foldable Drone

The drone that started it all, JJRC H37 Elfie, its portable with folding arms that is hidden in the body of the H37 drone. Features are fixed mode height, ,FPV,Gravity Sense Control,headless mode,height holding, one key taking off, sideward ,with light.

Camera: 720P camera.

Battery: 8 minutes of flying time

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Syma X56W Wi-Fi FPV G-sensor Foldable Drone

Similar to the TK110 Drone, the Syma X56W has a much wider body, foldable arms with landing skid, the design is pretty similar to the popular TK110 drone by Skytech.

Features: The drone has camera with support for WIFI real time streaming to smartphone, flying features include, 360 rollover, high speed low switch, auto return mode,headless mode and track control mode.

Camera: 0.3 MP

Battery Life: 10 minutes of flying time

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