SkyTech TK110HW Foldable Drone In-Depth Review

Aside from racing drones that is now becoming popular, another area of drones that is now gaining attention is the foldable drones, drone fans prefer it over the fix body drone or even from a small drone due to its portability and its futuristic look and design.

One of the best and newest drones right now in the market is the Skytech TK110HW, a quadcopter drone with foldable arms, as well as the landing skid.

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Design and Flying Features – the SkyTech Tk110HW is one of the best looking drone yet in the market, it is lightweight, great foldable design measuring only 36.20 x 36.20 x 8.50 cm, the drone weighs around .3900 kg only.

I love the foldable structure and its mechanism, it is easy to fold and unfold. Due to its folding arms, the drone is portable and can be carry anywhere with ease. It is also pretty easy to set-up and bind the drone to its controller. Just release a locking mechanism for the arms of the drone, by pressing the small button on the bottom. It has a built-in landing skid, which is easy to pop-out but difficult to clip it in to make it stand (but after several tries it clip with ease, I guess because it is still new).

Going back on how to fly the drone, as I have said, I did not encounter any issues at all binding the drone to the transmitter, it all just a walk in the park. When binding the drone to the transmitter, unlike other previous drone that we have tried, the TK110HW don’t need any extra or special steps to bind to the transmitter. Just turn on the drone by pressing several seconds, the LED on the power button lights up and blinks, automatically searching for the transmitter waiting for the successful pairing. When the transmitter is turned-on, the drone successfully binds with the transmitter, the LED on the power button stops blinking and on a steady mode.

Because of the altitude hold mode, the drone is very easy to fly, the one key landing and take-off button also added ease in flying the drone especially for newbies, I tested it and it works perfectly. Crashes and bumps is part of flying the drone, it’s a good thing that SkyTech TK110HW comes with a built-in landing skid and a free propeller protector. There is also a waypoint mode, but I wasn’t able to try it out, not fan of it I guess.

Remote Control – If you want to have the SkyTech TK110, I advise you to get the WIFI FPV version (SkyTech TK110HW), this version provides more fun when you are flying the drone, and it gives you a birds eye view of the surroundings in real time. This is possible by downloading the app that is available both iOS and Android platform.

The drone manual comes with the QR code. Anyways your smartphone serves as a viewfinder, plus you also have the option to use the smartphone to control the drone instead of a transmitter. Before I forget, the transmitter comes with a smartphone holder, that serves as a real time view finder for the camera of your drone via WIFI. To connect to your smartphone, just enable WIFI search for the app connection on the WIFI settings and connect.

SkyTech TK110HW is equipped with smartphone/clip holder where you put your smartphone that serves as a view finder. So far the remote control of SkyTech is one of the most well-built remote in its price range. The placement of major button controls is pretty accessible, with power switch on the center, the LCD screen is one the bottom and with its trimming just below the two joystick. The photo and video button only works when the phone is not on WIFI mode once you activate the WIFI camera and use your smartphone, please take note that the buttons on the remote control is disabled.

Video and Photos – for the photos, it is only 0.3 MP, so don’t expect too much on the quality, see photo sample below. If you got the WIFI version, all the controls for the photo and video is on the smartphone app, for the video its 720p which is ok, not that impressive it’s ok. If you have the non WIFI FPV version, please take note that the control for taking video or photos is on the remote control.

Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 4
Radio control distance: 50m
WiFi control distance: 30m
Transmitter battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery ( not included )
Motor: brushed
Aircraft battery: 3.7V 850mAh ( built-in )
Flight time: 6 – 7mins
Charge time: 110mins
Camera pixel: 0.3MP
App name: SkyTech Go
App download: QR code on the user manual
Additional gimbal installation: not feasible

  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Features
User Rating 3.67 (3 votes)