Best Cheap Drones Under 20 Dollars 2016

This year is the year of the drones, and next year it is expected that it will grow big as more people will try to have it as a hobby, it is a new technology, a new device to have not just for teens but also for adult who love tech.

If you are looking for a cheap drone under 20 dollars, well we have some recommendations for you, the list are cheap drones just under 20 dollars, but cheap doesn’t mean its features and specs are inferior. These drones are more of a fun drone, it’s a trainer drone, a perfect drone to have, especially if you are new in this technology, these drones is a must have for those who are planning to learn how to fly the drone.

JJRC H36 – the JJRC H36 is a small quadcopter drone with cool design, just the size of your palm, the JJRC H36 looks like one of the ship in avengers, each propeller is protected by a propeller protector that is already built in the body itself.

Flying features of the drone includes 360 degree eversion, one key return, and headless mode, it’s a light weight drone, which is very easy to fly and stable.

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Sy X31 Foldable Arm Drone – it’s the only foldable drone in the list, the Sy X31 foldable arm drone.

It is a small drone packed with flying features, even though you already fold the drone, the Sy X31 is still able to fly, it’s like a transformers drone, you can expand the arm or fold it. Flying features of the drone are headless mode, one key return, 3D roll.

What I like about the drone is that you can fold the arms to fit it inside the transmitter, yes the transmitter also acts as a container for the Sy X31 drone, fold it, put it inside the transmitter and put it inside your pocket and bring it anywhere.

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MJX X901 Nano Drone – a hexacopter drone, the MJX X901 Mini is a small drone that weighs only 0.201 kg. The MJX X901 has one key eversion, 3D roll and can be set also to manual roll, one key roll with basic flying controls. It’s a beginner level drone with 5 minutes of flying time.

It is also equipped with LED lights for cool flying at night, if you are into hexacopter this drone is a good pick, it got all the flying features that you need as well as the price is just right.

FQ777-124 Pocket Drone

another cool looking drone with several flying features, check out the FQ777-124 Pocket drone, it is a small drone with the same storage concept like the Sy X31. The FQ777-124 uses its controller as a storage/container for the drone.

Flying features of the drone includes headless mode, 360 degree rolling functions, one key return, it is also equipped with propeller protector, with flying time of 4-5 minutes.

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