AirSelfie Quadcopter Drone – Smallest Pocket Selfie Drone

As I have said before, the era of drone selfie is here, as another pocket size selfie drone is added to the list of candidates as the best selfie drone in the market (see our best list of selfie drone). Introducing “AirSelfie”, a pocket size drone that could fit in your smartphone case and you could bring it anywhere.


With the “AirSelfie”, drone users can take selfies, anywhere, anytime, they can control the drone with their smartphone, via WIFI connectivity. The quadcopter drone is not just a simple small drone, it also has different modes such as selfie, selfie motion control mode and flying. Based on its specs, the drone automatically hovers in mid-air, it is also equipped with gyro, barometer, geo magnetic sensors and built-in micro SD card and  powered by built in 240 mAh battery.

Unlike other foldable drone, the AirSelfie is house in an aluminum housing making it much more durable, having a size of 3.72” x 2.65” weighing only 52 grams, so far the AirSelfie is the only drone that we spotted so far with the most portable design, and can be integrated in a mobile phone cover.

Now available in in Kickstarter Fund campaign, and it’s already a hot product successfully reaching its initial fund goal.


  • Selfie mode, the easiest one, with just two directional buttons to make AirSelfie move far or close to you.
  • Selfie Motion Control mode, control AirSelfie in real time with the virtual joystick provided by App.
  • Flying mode, where the device is held horizontally and replaces a classic controller. Once you’ve found the perfect positioning for the shot, AirSelfie stays still, thanks to the hovering function.