Conqueror DM009 Quadcopter Drone In-Depth Review

Design – Available in black and white color the Conqueror DM009 is a medium built drone, equipped with propeller protector and a landing skid, the drone is right for those who would love to venture from a small beginner drone to an intermediate one. It has a good design, an eye catching one, durable and looks premium with the right look plus it is equipped with LED lights in the front and back. Having a durable flexible propeller, I found it that it is able to withstand crashes and still able to perform ideally.


The propeller is protected by a flexible propeller protector that can be easily attached, keep in mind that don’t forget to tighten the screw when you attached it, as it might have a tendency to fall off when it hit some obstacles.



It has a removable battery, with compartment under the belly of the drone, you need to remove the camera that is attached under the drone every time you charge or install the battery which we find it time consuming, take note that the WIFI camera is optional, you can attached it or not, depends upon if you like to take some photos/videos or just want to have some drone flying.

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Flying Features – just like other drones, flying Conqueror DM009 starts with calibration of the drone. The calibration for the DM009 does have a pretty direct and easy to follow instructions to calibrate. Unlike other drones that after calibration all you need is to push the throttle stick and the aircraft automatically starts and lift off.

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In the DM009 you need to follow a set of steps to calibrate the engine and power to prepare the engine to take off. (see LCD screen of transmitter if its connected). This is done (arming) every time you fly the drone which for me is a good feature, it takes time but its ok, it’s like an airplane engine preparing it for flight, it also serves as a safety feature, notifying you that the drone is ready to fly.

After the successful calibration, the engine starts but without taking off, in most low end drone, when the propeller starts to turn, the drone automatically lifts off. With the DM009 the engine starts but the drone is in idle mode, when you adjust the throttle stick that is the time the drone starts flying.

The DM009 drone, based on my experienced is pretty easy to fly; the altitude hold mode makes it easier, especially for newbies. Just fly the drone in its desired height, let go of the throttle stick and automatically it hovers even if you don’t hold on the to the joystick.

Other flying feature includes one key taking off and one key landing which is a good addition, but we seldom use it, (I still love flying the drone manually). The drone has a interchangeable battery, a 600 mAh providing 10-13 minutes of flying time, but it varies sometimes, less than when you use the camera too much often.


Transmitter – The transmitter does have an LCD screen to see the status of the drone such as signal strength, battery voltage, the speed and direction. Most of the controls and buttons are located on the top and it is easily accessible. There are some buttons that don’t work I guess possibly for future upgrades or for versions of the drone. Anyways it’s a pretty sturdy controller, we did not have any problems or whatsoever in learning the basics of the transmitter, and the manual is a bit confusing due to translation I guess from Chinese to English.

Conqueror DM009 do have a lot of improvements since the DM007, it is pretty stable based on testing whether it’s indoor or outdoor. It’s a well-built drone and it comes with accessories such as propeller protector, an extra propeller, landing skid, and screw driver for minor fixes and attachments.

Conqueror DM009 Quadcopter Drone Full Specifications

Brand: DM

Features: Controlled By Phone and Transmitter

Functions: 3D rollover,Air Press Altitude Hold,Camera,Forward/backward,FPV,One Key Landing,One Key Taking Off,Turn left/right,Up/down


Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control

Channel: 4-Channels

Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)

Detailed Control Distance: 100-150m

Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)

Battery: 7.4V 600mAh

Flying Time: 10-13mins

Camera Pixels: 5MP

Dimension and Weight

Product weight: 0.135 kg

Package weight: 0.805 kg

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