Go Pro KARMA Quadcopter Drone Full Specifications

In the drone world, all eyes right now for Go Pro KARMA quadcopter drone, it’s a portable, lightweight, foldable drone, I guess it’s safe to say that the drone is intended for sport enthusiast who love outdoors. As I said before the drone is designed to be portable, it has a foldable arms, including the landing gear, as well as the Go Pro Grip that can be removed and used as a standalone, you can fold the drone and keep it in a case, designed to wear it as a backpack, to bring your drone anywhere you go.


The transmitter is designed like a clam shell, with a touch screen interface, it also comes with a passenger app allowing you to share the live video feed to someone’s smartphone. If you are a newbie the transmitter comes with a flight simulator to train you in how to operate the drone. So far it’s a great drone if we will base on its specs and features.


Go Pro tag it as “more than a drone”, based on the features it might be a contender in the world of portable drones, and the whole drone market in particular,  but we have to remember Go Pro is still a newbie when it comes to drone technology, it is still remain to be seen if Go Pro really can compete with the likes of DJI, Yuneec and other well-known drone manufacturers.

See the full specifications below of the Go Pro KARMA drone.

Maximum Speed        35 mph (15 m/s)

Maximum Distance    3280ft (1000m)

Maximum Flight Altitude      14,500ft (4,500m)

Maximum Wind Resistance  22mph (10m/s)

Operating Frequency            2.4GHz

Dimensions (Opened/No Propellers) Length: 12in (303mm)

Width: 16.2in (411mm)

Height: 4.6in (117mm)

Dimensions (Folded/Transport)         Length: 14.4in (365.2mm)

Width: 8.8in (224.3mm)

Height: 3.5in (89.9mm)

Propeller Length        10in (25.4cm)

Weight            : 35.5oz (1006g)

Karma Controller


Screen Size     5in (12.7cm)

Screen Resolution     720p

Screen Brightness      900 nits

Battery Life    4 hours

Operating Frequency            2.4GHz

Weight            : 22oz (625g)

Karma Battery

Dimensions     Length: 8in (201.3mm)

Width: 3.6in (91.62mm)

Height: 1.75in (42.7mm)

Weight            : 19.3oz (545g)

Flight Time     Up to 20 minutes

Rating 14.8V 5100mAH (75.4Wh)

Battery Type  Li-Po

Karma Charger

Rating : 16.8V 5A

Charging Time for Karma Battery    1 hour

Charging Time for Karma Controller           2.5 hours

Charging Time for Karma Grip         2 hour

Karma Stabilizer

Range of motion        -90° to 0° (down/up)

Camera Compatibility : HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black/Silver

Weight            : 8oz (230g)

Number of Axes         3

Karma Grip Handle


Length: 8in (205mm)

Width: 1.7in (43mm)

Height: 1.7in (43mm)

Battery Life: 1.75 hours

Weight            : 8.62oz (244.6g)

Karma Case


Length: 21.3in (540mm)

Width: 12.6in (320mm)

Height: 5.9in (150mm)

GoPro Passenger App

Device Compatibility  iOS 9® and later

Android® 5.0 and later