Gearbest Amazing XK Quadcopter Drone Brand Sale!

Calling all drone enthusiast and newbies who would love to fly a drone , this is your chance to get an amazing drone for less or for free! Whether it’s for drone training or for drone photography XK got you covered, grab the amazing deals exclusively at Check out  the amazing deals below from GearBest.


The  XK Brand Sale is for a limited time only the sale will start on August 22, 2016 UTC TO August 27, 2016  @ 8:00 UTC offers lowest prices of XK drones in history!

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XK X251 drone – a ready to fly drone, the X251 is a fart quadcopter drone with its brushless motor that can fly up to 21 meters per second, it’s a 6 axis gyro providing stable flight, with strong wind resistance. It has a control distance of up to 300 meters and with flight time of 12 minutes which is good in its drone category.

XK X251 drone

Notable Features:

  • LED lights for night time flying
  • 12 minutes of flight time
  • 3D rollover
  • Brushless motor

XK X252 drone – another drone of XK with good looks the drone built for speed, it has a nice look, great size of the drone with medium size propellers, it has a 1804 brushless motor with speed of up to 20m/s. It is also equipped with nice and bright LED in front and on the arms of the drone located on the arms. It support real time video transmission, (FPV), the drone comes with an FVP monitor which is good.

XK X252 drone quadcopter

Notable Features:

  • 1804 brushless motor
  • FPV Support, comes with FPV monitor
  • Real Time Transmission with its 720P camera: Take photos or videos of the pleasure flight.

XK X250 quadcopter – the XK X250 quadcopter drone, it is one of the best looking drones in the XK arsenal, and it has a great durable body design. The drone has an amazing flight time of 12 minutes which it only takes 1 hour to charge. The quadcopter is also equipped with an HD camera, providing good quality images. Flying features of the drone includes headless mode, one press automatic return.

Notable Features:

  • HD Aerial photography
  • One Press Automatic Return
  • 3D rollover, Forward/backward,FPV, Headless Mode, One Key Automatic Return

XK X100 Quadcopter drone – one of the most durable quadcopter by XK, suitable for beginners. The drone has a durable body made from quality material, which according to XK is suitable for a beginner who is still in the first phase of flying a drone. The XK X100 is also equipped with several flying features that are surely perfect for acrobatic flying, it has 3D mode, inverted flight and even you can switch from 6 axis gyro to 3 axis easily.

XK X100 Quadcopter drone

Notable Features:

  • 3d and 6d switch function
  • Durable and quality materials
  • Inverted flight function

XK Detect X380 – of course we will not end the deal without offering the one of the XK’s best drone in its collection, the XK Detect X380, a drone with GPS capability. It is a high end drone with high end features, the drone can be mounted with a gimbal where you can attached your own action camera, it is equipped with GPS system, allowing to position your drone or activate the return home even if it is already out of its control range, flying features of the drone includes 3D hovering, headless mode, one key take-off and landing, 30 minutes of flight time

XK Detect X380

Notable Features:

  • GPS Enabled drone
  • One key take-off and landing
  • 30 minutes of flight time


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