Intel Aero Quadcopter Drone

Intel is putting a lot of effort and investments in drones, in the recent Intel Developer Forum, Intel unveiled a quadcopter drone, Intel Aero. The quadcopter drone is intended more for developers rather than hobbyist.

Intel Aero Quadcopter Drone

Intel Aero runs the Intel Aero computer board which can be purchased separately, with Linux operating system. It is powered by Intel Atom Quad Core processor and with an optional Vision Accessory Kit. It is also packed with several features such as AirMap SDK, DroneCode PX4 software, Intel RealSense. With Intel’s Aero quadcopter drone, developers can create applications intended for UAV’s.


This ready-to-fly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development platform is a fully assembled quadcopter, built around the Intel® Aero Compute Board. It is geared for developers, researchers, and UAV enthusiasts to help get applications airborne quickly.

  • Equipped with Intel® RealSense™ technology
  • Runs on open-source Linux* operating system
  • Pre-programmed flight controller with Dronecode PX4* software
  • Support for AirMap* SDK for airspace services