Yuneec ventured into FPV Goggles with its SkyView FPV headset

Yuneec ventured into FPV Goggles with its SkyView FPV headset. Yuneec plans to diversify its drone offerings with the introduction of SkyView FPV. Remember that these last few years; Yuneec introduced several high end drones that aim to compete in the growing video and photo drone business. This sector is so far dominated by DJI, and Yuneec’s recent drone is said to be a great alternative, even others says it’s far more better than DJI’s offering.

Yuneec SkyView FPV Goggles

Going back to Yuneec SkyView FPV, the headset is both compatible with top rated Yuneec drone, Typhoon H and Tornado H920. The FPV is equipped with a built-in 5 inch HD screen, with 720P, and with 75.5 degree FOV. Have a bird’s eye view of the scenery with the Yuneec SkyView FPV. If you are not using it in your drones, you can also use it to paly videos, watch movies or use it for gaming via HDMI port connection wow double as a home view theater!, the Yuneec Skyview FPV cost around $249.99 dollars

Description: SkyView is an enclosed FPV headset compatible with Typhoon H, and Tornado H920.  As you operate the camera, you see exactly what the drone sees, as if you were on board. Designed to be ergonomic and durable, SkyView features an adjustable headband and can accommodate users who wear glasses.