Hair Cutting Drone is not your usual Hair Salon

As the lady Simone Giertz says in the video, “this is a bad idea”… and here in we think it’s a bad idea But anyways there is always a first and of course we would love to see how this thing will work, a Hair Cutting Drone, will it be a hip or a miss? Let’s find out!!!

Hair Cutting Drone

We have seen a hand gun, flamethrower as well as chainsaw drone, created havoc on the net, well you haven’t seen it all, Simone Giertz a robotic enthusiast with her friend Samy Kamkar in Los Angeles attached an automated scissor on a drone and tested whether it will work or not. At first they tested an electric trimmer attached to a drone hovering over a mannequin with a wig… well obviously it did not work as it’s hard to control the electric trimmer.

Then they decided to go to the old school tool, “scissor”, with a bit of ingenuity and robotic hack, automating the operation of scissor they decided to once again try this outrageous idea, well it did not work again. Simone Giertz says that it will be a thing in the future, and maybe the world is not yet ready for a hair cutting drone. Anyways still it’s fun to watch and this idea might come into reality in the near future…who knows..