Drone Dome Israel Anti-Drone Weapon

Israel is now becoming a leading country in drones, specifically military drones, its drone had been used already in several military drone by the Israel as well as other countries who was able to purchase its military drone. The recent news is the suicide drone, Harop a kamikaze drone, a drone that has a one way mission.

Drone Dome Anti-Drone Weapon

And this week, Israel do have a new weapon, an anti-drone weapon, made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, check out “Drone Dome”. The anti-drone weapon uses a radar and cameras to track rouge drones especially enemy drones, after its spotted the drone, Drone Drome will disrupt its electronic system to disable/cripple the drone. According to the company the Drone Dome has a 360 degree circular coverage and it is expected to be the first defense of Israel to enemy drones in a no fly zone, it alerts the unmanned vehicle operator for the intrusion and initiates “automatic inference operation” in the drones ability to navigate.

Here are the specifications and features of Drone Dome

Equipped with a state of the art RPS-42 radar, MEOS electro-optical observation mechanism

Advanced C-Guard RD wide spectrum signal jammer

The interceptor offers its handlers 360-degree coverage

Detects a potential threat using its radar, electro-optical, and infrared components.

Neutralized either by the interceptor’s satellite navigation or radio frequency jamming systems.