[Download] DJI + Discover Social Network app for Drones Android iOS

Just like we said before DJI is really serious in improving their services as well as doing everything to dominate the drone market, with this they created another service, and great news for the fans and users of DJI drones and drone enthusiast.

Today DJI just released an app that focuses on social network for drone users. If you have a drone or specifically DJI drone, download the DJI+Discover, an app that focuses on social networking, connecting drone enthusiast, allowing them to communicate and meet each other through an app. According to DJI drone users can learn from each other and share experiences, it is also for professional market palce for service provider and clients.

DJI+Discover app, features Forum, where drone minded individuals can communicate and exchange ideas and store. Nearby Search, users can connect, chat and meet other drone enthusiast nearby. Experience, a section where users can locate nearby stores, DJI official events and of course the Store, a place to let you access the DJI online store directly.


  • Make a Direct Purchase – Purchase products directly from DJI and receive our personalized after-sale service.
  • Augmented Reality – Learn more about DJI products with AR experience.
  • Nearby – Fly togetherconnect with others
  • Experience – Find the nearest DJI Store or events
  • Online Store – Easy shopping online
  • Forum – Join interesting topics from DJI forum

The DJI + Discover app is available for both iOS and Android Version

DJI + DIscover iOS

DJI + DIscover Android

Download the DJI+ Discover Android app here

Download the DJI+ Discover iOS app here