FoodPanda using Drones to Delover Foods in Singapore

FoodPanda just get into the craze by using drones to deliver meals in Singapore.

These past few months FoodPanda in partnership with Rocket Internet started to test drones to deliver foods. The aim of FoodPanda is to deliver food in just 30 minutes or less, and drone might be the answer to this dilemma. This is really a new approach in delivering food, and if its successful it could be a common scenery in the high rise city of Singpore.

FoodPanda Drone

We must admit its challenge to deliver foods, especially right now that the government is really strict in implementing drone regulations, especially that these past few years there is an increase in drone accidents and violations worldwide.

Its no question that once the trial succeed and this will be implemented, it will surely bolster the revenue of FoodPanda bigtime.

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