ParaZero SafeAir First Parachute for Drones

Another good idea, another accessory to add to your drone, make it crash proof by equipping it with a parachute.
ParaZero AirSafe
Now your drone will be crash proof, although most drones do have a battery alert and an auto return when it run out of juice still it good to have a back-up solution when the above features don’t work. Having a back-up parachute is a good idea especially for expensive drones, whether you got an insurance or not.

Check out ParaZero SafeAir, a capsule that is fitted on you drone, according to the company that made the product, the parachute automatically deploys even without users intervention, it is able to detect if there is a sudden lost of power on the drone. This is good as when your drone run out of battery or suffered a critical malfunction. I think the idea has a promising future, not only protecting the drone but also protects people on the ground. So far the company tested the parachute on the 3DR Solo, but we expect that it will also available to other drone brands.


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