LG Smart Controller for Drones Features and Specs

Tech companies are putting a lot of effort and resources to get a slice of the pie on the drone craze that is happening for the last two years and years to come. LG one of the biggest tech company launch the “Smart Drone Controller” device. A smart device that can be paired up with the new LG G5 smartphone. With the device, you will be able to control the drone, yes you might say that there are already existing hardware that interface with the drone, but LG smart controller makes it easy to work with the users drone as well as other drones.

LG Smart Drone Controller lg-smart-controller-drone-parrot-1

To be specific, the drone works with several models of drones (as of now popular drones only) according to LG, the Smart controller works with the new Parrot Bebop 2 when you pair it with the LG G5, you can control the drone easily, having the LG G5 as the view finder providing live feedback, and controlling the drone with the three dimensional control dial.

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