PowerVision PowerEgg Drone – Eggcellent Flying Robot

What an Eggcellent design from PowerVision, dubbed the Flying Robot, PowerVision unveiled its first consumer drone, “PowerEgg”. The drone is an egg shape foldable drone, PowerVision brings a unique approach in drone design. Instead of a traditional folding drones that we usually see in the market, Powervision designed a drone that folds into an egg shape making it look clean and sleek and can be easily be carried in a backpack.

PowerVision PowerEgg

The rotor arms folds inward as well as the rotor blade which if we are not mistaken is a first in drone design. it has a stand that folds similar to the rotor arms. with a body that shape like an egg, the arms and stand folds clean in the body.

“Powervision wanted to create a beautiful yet functional design for the PowerEgg. We think the oval shape is not only clean and pure but also has the structural and functional benefits. This simple yet vital design means that this is more than a flying robot but a work of art.” – Powervision CEO Wally Zheng

“With this next generation of drones, much like the Internet expanded access to information in the virtual world, drones 2.0 led by innovations like the PowerEgg can expand access to the physical world and bring together humans and machines in this journey.”

The PowerVision PowerEgg Drone is equipped with  an advanced optical flow sensors for indoor navigation as well as 360 degree panoramic 4K HD camera that sits on a 3 axis gimbal. The camera provides a real time long range video transmission to the user.

If you are interested you can get the drone in the market this coming 2nd quarter of 2016. We will provide you more with its full specifications as well as price list of the drone. to be updated…