Maldrone First Malware Virus for Drones

Maldrone, this is considered to be the first malware for drones, yes malwares and other viruses the next place to be the battle ground is the skies.

Madrone virus

A hacker and security expert was able to infiltrate the firmware of a drone, the victim “Parrot Drone” the malware dubbed “maldrone”. But according to the hacker it is also able to work in other drones.

The Malware serves as a link or proxy between the drone and the hacker, leaving the user of the drone helpless and unable to control the drone. When the malware infected the drone, the hacker will be able to control the drone, or worst kill the drone in midair.

The video demo shows how he was able to infect the drone connecting via a TCP connection, once the connection has been established, the hacker can interact with the sensors and control the drone remotely.

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