Top List of Anti-Drone Weapons – Drone Killers, Interceptors

[Anti-Drone Weapons ] Drone is the next generation of tech toys, and right now its a hot item for those who are looking for a new tech toy to play with or hobbies. Drone photography, drone racing are just two of the drone activities that drone users are getting into.

With the popularity of drone so is the violation and problems that arises with the drone, with this government, private companies and individuals are finding ways to counter the problems that occur in flying drones.

Well we listed some of the top anti-drone weapons that many consider as a legitimate threat to rouge drones. Below are the best so far for anti-drone weapons.

Drone Interceptor MP200

Drone Interceptor MP200 – a drone created to kill/disable other drones, the drone is fast flying drone equipped with sensors to disable alter drones by dropping a net on the drone. Created and develop by Malou tech, the UAV might be a good tool to stop the drone from getting clsoer to any government or vital facitlities.

Drone Defender Anti Drone

Battelle Drone Defender – this might be the best and the legitimate solution to the problems on rogue drones. A drone gun that shoots an electromagnetic waves towards the drone, disabling it, thus allowing the user of the drone gun to guide the drone safely to the ground.

Drone Shield

Drone Shield – this one is stationary yet very powerful drone detector, several companies including in film industry is already thinking of using this as a tool to stop drones from having a sneak peak on the movie location. The Drone Shield is able to detect drones up to 150 yards, but expect to see the shield to have a longer range as the company enhance its capability.


Enterprise-grade sensor network with patent-pending acoustic detection technology can sense drones that are invisible to radar or that lack radio-frequency links.


Blighter AUDS – another Anti-Drone Weapon that works like a mounted weapon on a battleship. The weapon is designed to neutralise and disrupt their signal. With a detection signal of several kilometers the technology is a combination of radar scanning, electro optical tracking as well as directional RF inhibition capability.


electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability.

Selex Drone SHield

Falcon Shield/Guard – a good anti drone weapon but generous to the enemy, the Falcon guard only hijacks the video feed and warns the controller of the drone. It detects and locate the drone by radar, infrared cameras, and even radiation. Based ont eh response of the drone operator, Selex the developer pf the Falcon Guard will have the option to shoot the drone or not.

Features: advanced, long-range EO/IR turrets; the Observer 100 combined radar and EO/IR elevated situational awareness system; the Vantage Framework C2 system and human machine interface; and the Horizon HD thermal imaging camera.

Airbus Anti Drone

Airbus Anti Drone/Counter UAV System – the anti drone system by Airbus is able to detect and pinpoint the location of the drone as far away as 6.2 miles. According to AirBus the Anti Drone system uses Smart Responsive Jamming Technology the jamming signals are blocking only the relevant frequencies used to operate the drone while other frequencies in the vicinity remain operational.

Features: operational radars, infrared cameras and direction. Latest data fusion, signal analysis and jamming technologies


DeDrone DroneTracker -DroneTracker is detection drone tool that can spot a drone up to 1,600 feet and able to distinguished a drone from airplanes and birds.It has an integrated Wi-Fi-sensor detects the WLAN signals of drones. It also allows to identify certain drone models and even single devices. Automatically monitors the airspace from drones and notifies you with an alarm when it detects one. See Specifications

Features: Real Time Tracking, Immediate Notifications, Securing Evidence, Cloud Based Services, DroneDNA Database, Large MultiTracking, Multi-Sensor Enabled and Enhanced API-Access.