Ying Drone See Features and Specs

There is a new drone in town that may challenge existing popular drone manufacturers. Introducing Ying drone, the drone is created in collaboration of different companies, Tencent, Chinas largest internet portal, ZeroTech a known drone maker and the largest chipmaker in China Qualcomm.

Ying Drone

Qualcomm is a popular chip maker for mobile phones, now they developed a SnapDragon processor intended for  drone flight.  The chip is dubbed to be a “SnapDragon Flight”. The drone according to Qualcomm will optimized how the drone manages its resources on board. It can triple the battery life of the drone, plus it is expected to cut the price of the average 4K camera drone, users will also be able to upload or streamed directly to Tencent social platform.

Other features of the drone includes autonomous navigation mode, it has motion planning, obstacle mapping mode, visual inertial odometry, optical flow camera. If you are planning to get one the drone will be available later this year. The Ying drone might be just a demo of the product “SnapDragon Flight” but the real intention of Qualcomm is to tap into this new market for microprocessor and that is drone, according to the report, the processor is already available for selected drone manufacturers as a start, but it is possible that it will also be sold to other drone manufacturers worldwide.

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