Iran Drone Flies Over a U.S Carrier [PHOTOS]

It’s the headline right now in several news agency and became the hot debate whether the U.S Navy made some lapses or not. The news, Iran was able to fly over the U.S carrier in the Persian gulf without getting shot down.

Iran drone over  carrier

Iran is bragging the several photos and videos showing the U.S aircraft carrier. The  aircraft carrier is said to be the USS Harry Truman. Some military experts says that it is not that big deal saying the drone is just a surveillance drone and doesn’t bring any potential threat to the US Navy, at the same time saying that Iranian is testing the water challenging the U.S in its supremacy.

The provocative action of Iran shows according to experts that the U.S is getting soft, losing grip on power as Iran bit by bit is doing actions that is an insult to the U.S.  This act might be followed by other countries who also challenge the U.S superiority. Anyways its not known if what is the type of drone that Iranian flew over the US carrier  some says maybe it’s the reverse engineered US drone RQ-170 drone that was captured last 2011.