Best Drone Video of Snow Blizzard (Snowmaggedon 2016)

The record braking snow storm has passed, and of course tons of snow covered the town and cities across the region.

snowmaggon 2016
Icy roads and rooftops, airport runways is in deep cover of snow. Until now the government is not advising the public to go out, as the road is still dangerous. In the aftermath of the snow storm at least 15 people were killed, hundreds of fallen debris scattered the road and flights is still grounded as the government shutdown the travel due to poor runway and road condition.

Anyways, our drone fans cannot be stopped with their drones and provided us with awesome drone videos of the snow blizzard. See the aftermath of the snow storm in the eyes of the drone across different state.

Best Drone Video of Snow Blizzard (Snowmaggedon 2016)

Asheville North Carolina from Auction Spring

My favorite from the list amazing capture of drone during the snow storm

Central Kentucky by Robert Crawford

Knoxville TN Amazing video from Depth of Field Productions

NYC Snow Storm Night Time by Jonathan Harper

Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC from a Drone by Invincible Don1

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