Must Have Accessories & Replacement Parts for Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone

Syma X5C is one of the top selling drone in the quadcopter drone category. Aside from being affordable it has some pretty good specs and features. The drone replacement parts is very easy to find as well as to purchase.

What we like about the Syma X5C

  • Great controls and stability
  • Equipped with HD camera and 2GB Micro SD card
  • Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors
  • Tons of replacement parts available to purchase
  • Great tech support
  • Very affordable in its drone category

If you have a Syma X5C quadcopter drone, here are the must have accessories and replacement parts for the Syma X5C drone.

SYMA X5C Propeller

Propeller blades – in every drone the propeller blades is the first one to suffer a damage. An extra propeller blade is a must, no worries, finding a spare parts for the Syma X5C is easy.

Syma Battery

Lipo Rechargeable Battery – get a 680 mAh or 600mAh extra Lipop rechargeable battery. The extra battery usually cost around $12-$15 dollars. Don’t let the fun end fast, have an extra battery always.

Syma Propeller Protector

Propeller Blade Protector – having this on your drone will make the propeller last longer. Having a propeller blade protectr when your drone crash will at least provide the propeller some preliminary protection.

Syma Landing Skid

Landing Skid– although it rarely suffers damages. Still it is good to have an extra one in case of emergency.

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Syma Protective Carrying CASE

Protective Box Carrying Case – have a carrying case for your Syma X5C, aside from keeping it organize, the case is has an Anti-drop & Anti-shock that will protect your drone from bumps and bruises.

Or if you don’t like to buy the replacement parts one by one ( usually it cost more), you can get a bundle that includes the above replacement parts for your Syma X5C drone.

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