FLYBi Drone with Virtual Reality Goggles

If you want to experience flying a drone as well as see a birds eye view of the drone in a virtual reality mode, the FLYBi might be a good pick. According to the company that created the drone, it is the first drone with virtual reality goggles.

This is not a review of the FLYBi drone, we still have to wait until its worldwide release in blank. For the meantime this is just are owe of the FLYBi drone, the details in Indiegogo of the FLYBi drone is quite good, that it deserve to be mention.

FLYBi Drone

The FLYBi drone has quite an impressive look and specs. It can be controlled up to 2 miles, even if it’s already far from your position, once it detected that it is running out of juice, the drone automatically returns home, so no worries about your drone crashing on somewhere.

We are impressed with the onboard camera, just like in other high end drone provide quality real time video plus it’s head sensor that moves in relation to the users head movement with up to 50 degrees in each direction. The Goggles will according to the company will provide a virtual reality experience, providing a feeling like you are the one flying.

We can’t say anything negative about the design, it has unique look even though it is Quadcopter which is pretty common. We love the design that is looks like a sophisticated space craft, the propeller protector adds protection without looking like a twig attached to drone. The camera is covered with a glass that look like an orb .

Here are some of the notable features of the drone

  • HD Camera shoot provide 12MP video, with 1080P at 60 fps.
  • With App that user can create flight path on a map and the FLYBi will automatically follow the path.

Flight Time: 28 minutes

Maximum Speed: 50 kmh

Cameras: 1080 P, HD 12 MP FPV Camera

Flight Control: Flight Controller, GPS, Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass

Videos from the Web:

If you are interested to get one the offer still available at


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