JJRC H20H Hexacopter Drone In-Depth Review

Design – the JJRC H20H is a hexacopter drone, it’s an upgraded version of the JJRC H20 version, the drone is available in several colors but I advise you to pick the yellow version of the drone, it looks much better.

Going back to the overall design, the H20H has a beautiful design; JJRC really put a lot effort in the design of the drone making it look like a futuristic aircraft. The yellow color with the black accent looks professionally design and blends well together.  Unlike other JJRC drones and other brands we already tried, the body of the JJRC H20H is not just made of cheap plastic, I am surprise with the build quality of the drone, I don’t know if what is the proper term for it or the material used in the drone, the H20H body feels like a combination of rubber and plastic, you can even fold the arms for a few degrees without snapping.


With this expect that the drone will be durable in crashes and bumps, the addition of propeller protector makes it much better. Having a removable battery, you can buy extra battery by JJRC or use other drone battery that is compatible with your drone, honestly I score 5/5 when it comes to the design of the JJRC H20H, the look, the materials used shouts premium product from JJRC.

Flying Features I picked the JJRC drone as the product to review, as I experienced flying several JJRC drones before and we did not have any problems at all flying it, they are stable and easy to control. With the addition of the altitude hold mode to the H20H, it is expected that this will be one of the best drone by JJRC in small category, in terms of flying.

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Flying features of the JJRC H20H includes headless mode, a one key return function with built in positioning system feature, plus it still has the basic go-up, down and the 360 degree eversion. It has a flight time of 6 minutes with a very short charging time of only 30 minutes.

I did several hours of flying the drone and so far I can say it is one of the most easiest small drone to control.  Best for indoor flying, also works well for outdoors, just make it sure that there is just mild wind when flying the drone, having a strong wind makes it harder to control it due to its size.


Transmitter – the transmitter is almost the same size with other transmitter for small drones by JJRC, its good and comfortable to hold with all the buttons that is easily accessible. It uses a two double AA batteries (please take note that it doesn’t come with the batteries when you buy it). Binding the drone to the transmitter is pretty easy; just push your throttle up and down and your good to go.

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OverAllthe JJRC H20H is one of the best drone in small category of JJRC, it is also one of the latest drone equipped with the altitude mode. Despite its low price tag, the H20H is packed with the latest flying features, making it an ideal drone for newbies who would love to explore and experience flying a drone, but don’t want to spend too much as a start.

Full Specifications of the JJRC H20H Mini

Brand: JJRC
Type: Hexacopter
Model: H20H
Features: Radio Control
Motor Type: Brushed Motor
Functions: 3D rollover,Forward/backward,Headless Mode,Height Holding,Turn left/right,Up/down
Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro
Material: Electronic Components,Plastic
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Channel: 4-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Detailed Control Distance: 20-30m
Flying Time: 5~6mins
Charging Time (h): 30 minutes


  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Features
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