DJI Mavic Drone Images Leaked

Hold on Go Pro KARMA fans, I guess DJI the leading brand in high end drones will not be left behind, a leaked image of a new DJI drone is circulating the net. The drone might be called the DJI Mavic drone, this is based on the leaked images of drones with the name of DJI Mavic attached to it, as well as the trademark Mavic that DJI just recently submitted to the trademark office.


The drone is a portable drone, it has foldable arms similar to the DJI Mavic drone, according to the report the drone features, follow me mode, altitude mode, obstacle avoidance technology, it is possible that almost all of the cool technologies in the Phantom 4 is put in the DJI Mavic drone, just in a small package. It also has 4K video and an integrated LCD display running Android OS.