[Download] SYMA X8HW User Manual

Syma X8HW quadcopter drone, one of the affordable SYMA drone in the market, it is packed with flying features such as 360 degrees 3D eversion, it has a headless mode for avoiding loss of orientation as well as easy hovering the drone with the barometer set height.


It looks like the Syma X5C drone but under the hood, this one got more better specifications,  It also got a 2 MP camera for video and photo capture, stream the video live through your smartphone with WIFI FPV feature of the drone, it also has an LED light to make it suitable for flying in the dark at night. So far it got great features and specs with good price range. If you got one, master the drone by learning the ins and outs of it, learn how to optimized, troubleshoot and flying the quadcopter safely. Before flying make it sure that you will read the Syma X8HW quadcopter drone user manual, download it now.


See the Table of Contents below:

  • Safety Guide
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Package Description
  • Understanding your Remote Control
  • Remote Control Button and LCD Display Function and Description
  • Installation Steps of Quadcopters Safety Guard
  • Installation of Steps of Quadcopters Stands
  • Wifi Real Time Transmission Aerial Photo Taking Component Installation
  • Aircraft Operation Guidance
  • Aircraft Controlling Diagram and Default Mode 1
  • Aircraft Controlling Diagram and Default Mode 2
  • Flight Preparation and Switching Off of the Aircraft
  • Product Features
  • Battery Replacement and Charging Method
  • Installation of Camera
  • Steps of Fan blades installation/disassembly of aircraft
  • Rectification Procedures
  • Accessories
  • Product Descriptions
  • Main Specifications
  • Two Dimension code for iOS and Android system