Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone Reviews – Specifications

Wingsland got another amazing drone in its arsenal, check out the latest drone in its database, “Wingsland S6” a palm size drone with foldable arms with optional attachments such as toy gun or search light, emojis. The promo video, that we thought at first it was a sneak preview of a Chinese movie, show the drone do have a lot of potential and could be one of the best pocket selfie drone in the market.


The drone is almost the size of a 5” smartphone with a badass look, it’s available in 5 colors Camouflage, Fresh Orange, Subtle Acqua Green Blood and our favorite the metallic silver the drone could easily be folded and put in your back pocket, sort of. It is very obvious the Wingsland S6, aims to compete in the growing world of selfie drones.

Controlling the Drone – despite the small size of the Wingsland S6 drone, it has several flight control options from Beginner mode Normal Course lock mode. It has precise navigation and hover for outdoor flying with its dual navigation system GPS and GLONASS. Other features include avoidance sensors and auto take-off/landing capabilities. So far it is a fully featured pocket drone, small drone on the outside big drone on the inside. The drone has 10 minutes of flight time making it good when it comes to filming or taking photos of your outdoor sports.

Features and Accessories –  going back to the accessories the Wingsland can be attached with a search light, Mini Toy Gun, Emoji Display Screen and Object avoidance attachment. If you are an avid photographer and videographer, the Wingsland S6 do have a 13MP with resolution of 1920×1080 at 60 FPS, and a 4K Intelligent Photo/Video. Wingsland claims that they have the thinnest and lightest 4K drone in the world.

OverAll – it is still early to say whether the drone can compete with other selfie drone in the market, right now we will based our assessment on the physical look, specs and features of the drone, so far we can’t say nothing bad about the drone, the design shows that Wingsland put a lot of effort on the R&D of the drone. It is a good looking drone, it’s foldable, compact and with material built for outdoor.


Battery: 1400 mAH, 8.7V

Flight Time of 10 minutes

Folded up aircraft size 138mm x 79mm x 26.8mm

Weight 230g including battery 

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