[Download] Walkera QR X350 User Manual

Last time we wrote a review/preview of the Walkera QR X350, this time we bring you the user manual of the QR X350. The drone is medium size drone with high end specs, it has GPS auto pilot function and a self-stabilization mode. The drone has 2200mAh Li-Po  with a flight timeof about 15 minutes.

Walkera QR X350 GPS FPV Quadcopter

Anyways check out the user manual below of the Walkera QRX350 quadcopter drone

Below are some of the details on the Walkera QR X350 User Manual

  1. Assembly Installation

#Propeller Installation

# Compass and Landing Gear Installation

2. Brushless ESC/Brushless Motor/Power Board Connection

# Brushless ESC/Brushless Motor Connection

3. Brushless ESC/Brushless Motor/Power Board Connection Illustratio

4.  Main Control Board Port Instruction

5. Main Control Board and Receiver Illustration

6. Main Control Board and Receiver Requirements

7. Main Control System Control Mode

8. Code Binding

9. Motor unlock/lock/stop rotating

10. Devo -7 Radio Setting


Download User Manual