Deal] Walkera QR X350 GPS FPV Quadcopter 50% OFF

Get this amazing drone by Walkera for 50% OFF, the Walkera QR X350 FPV Quadcopter drone is now on a deal at for a limited time only, the deal includes the camera(DV04).

Walkera QR X350 GPS FPV Quadcopter

Anyways let us have a short review of the features and specs of Walkera QR X350 quadcopter, it has GPS auto pilot function and a self-stabilization mode with GPS and altitude hold. It also includes an anti-vibration camera mount for clear and stable photo and videos. The drone also has a very good flight time, it has a 2200mAh Li-Po  with a flight time of about 15 minutes, if you experience some trouble no worries the Walkera QR X350 is equipped with Failsafe and Self Landing to protect your drone from crashing.

See the Full specifications below of the Walkera QR X350 GPS RC Quadcopter

Brand: Walkera
Item Name: QR X350 GPS RC Quadcopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 556mm
Fuselage Width: 206mm
Motor: WK-WS-28-008A
Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po
Length: 289mm
Width: 289mm
Height: 180mm
Flight Time: 10 -15 minutes
Channel: 5 up
Rotor Type: muti-copter
Experience Level: intermediate
Completion Level: BNF
Recommended Environment: indoor & outdoor
Camera: GOPRO Camera (not included)
Transmitter: Devo F7

Package Inlcuded:
1 x Walkera QR X350 RC Quadcopter
1 x DEVO F7
1 x main control board
1 x GPS module
1 x compass module
1 x FPV module(TX5803/TX5804)
1 x camera(DV04)
1 x FP transfer wire
1 x camera mount
1 x battery
1 x charger


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