Funny Warning Signs about Pokemon Go – Maybe PokeDrone is the Answer!

Pokemon Go is now a cultural phenomenon, everywhere you went the topic is all about Pokemon, maybe digital and reality combination is the perfect recipe for a game. With this people are getting addicted, it’s getting out of hand really, as people are doing outrageous things just to catch that rare Pokemon. The game and its success is really crazy, it’s awesome and at the same time it’s dangerous.

The game is like an egg hunt, the augmented reality uses phone’s GPS location data to track your location, with the phone you can catch different Pokemon characters , with rare Pokemon that you got, a bragging rights to your friends. The game has not been released yet to other countries but right now it’s already huge, with the sudden surge of users, the login servers went down as the server crash due to the millions of users playing the game.

Playing Pokemon Go is now reported as dangerous, as more and more people are being reported to have suffered accidents, as well as charge with trespassing. For example recently.. .Pokemon Go players walked off a cliff in San Diego hunting Pokemon, four teenagers has also been rescued after getting lost in a mine complex for several hours while hunting for Pokemon.

Anyways with the problem of Pokemon Go, authorities and private individuals already creating signs, warning Pokemon Go players of trespassing and accident that may occur.

Pokemon GO Signs

Fairfax County Fire Station warns with a bit of humor on its messages

Pokemon Private Property

A sign at the National Weather Service in Anchorage informs Pokemon players it’s illegal to trespass on federal property.

no-tresspasing Pokemon Go

A private individual, posted a sign with NO POKEMON GO playing in his property, this sign is expected to be common sign in any private property

Pokemon Signs cemetery2


A digital sign warning drivers that Pokemon  and Driving don’t mix

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