[Video] PokeDrone – Pokemon Go on Drone

I’m pretty sure some of you are already fed up of hearing Pokemon Go, but we got no choice it’s the fad right, for almost a month now  and this will not end anytime soon, it is just starting… as the company is planning to introduce the game in other countries as well.


Right now it’s a hit, and with this more and more people are looking for ways to make an easy way to catch Pokemons. Last week a guy in reddit posted a video of hwo he was able to take advantage of drone to grab Pokemons without roaming around physically.

And now TRNDLabs posted a video with a similar concept, it is called PokeDrone, a Pokemon Go on a drone. Unlike the hack by hyperion995.. where you have to attached your phone to capture pokemons this one uses the Pokedrone’s GPS and camera to spot and catch a drone. It is a great idea and will surely going to be a big hit for Pokemon Go fans, but sadly it is just a concept, but TRNDlabs is trying to make it a reality, but I think this is a shot in the dark as Pokemon company will not ruin the gameplay of the app to that made it very successful in just a short time. If you are clamoring to make this a reality, I think all you need to do is to hack and learn how to build a Pokemon Go on a drone.

For the meantie watch the PokeDrone video below by TRNDlabs