Best Selfie Drones that we spotted includes Pocket Size drones

Whether you like it or not, seems like the selfie stick days are numbered, soon we might say goodbye to selfie stick. There is a new trend for taking selfies, a way where you don’t have to extend your arms t take photos, no need for a tripod and no need to use a stick so that all of your friends will be captured by your camera, let go of the past and embrace the future, introducing “Drone Selfie”. A way to capture photos using a selfie drones, whether its side view, top, back the selfie drone covers it all.

Just throw it in the air and smile and that’s it a wide angle, fully captured photo of you and your love ones. I guess the selfie drone is the next craze and this device is the next to have in every selfie obsessed person’s arsenal. With amazing technology that can fit in a very small form factor. I think it’s time that drones especially selfie drone takes over the tech market, I’m pretty sure it is just a matter of time that “drone selfies” flooded the social networking and photo sharing sites.

Anyways see our list of the top selfie drones right now in the market and will soon going to be in the market. See features and specs of each one.

See the List of Selfie Drones

Hover Camera Drone full specifications

Hover Camera – Selfie Drone – this is a foldable drone, a quadcopter that folds in like a book, throw it in the air and it hovers. The drone has a sonar and optical to find its way and surroundings.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 13 megapixel

Flight Time: 7 minutes

Price: $600

Dobby Selfie Drones

Dobby Selfie drone – the drone is compact with its foldable propeller, it is compact with its body the size of a smartphone. The company promotes it as a pocket selfie drone. It uses GPS/GLONASS to track its location. It has face recognition technology, auto follow, voice control function.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 13 megapixel

4K image acquisition

1080P video recording

Flight Time: 9 minutes

Price: $349.99

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kimon drone

KIMON Selfie Drone – another contender for small selfie drone, the drone looks like a crab, with foldable design it features one click take-off and landing. It also has an auto-return and a safe distance setting. You can also control the drone by using a smartphone. It is also able to hover and features several selfie features such as 360 degree circle flight, indoor selfie, follow me, quick selfie, smart selfie distance.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 12 megapixel

Recording: 1080P

Flight Time: 12 minutes

Price: $250 U.S

Roam-e Selfie Drone

Roam-E Selfie – the most unique among the selfie drones, this one packed all its features and amazing technology in a tube, with a dual axis propeller, this has a built-in smart recognition technology, that focuses on your face for better and accurate capture photo with follow feature and obstacle avoidance technology.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 5 megapixel

Recording: 1080P

Flight Time: 20 minutes

Price: $399 U.S


Wingsland S6 – one of the most portable drone by Wingsland, the drone has a foldable arms as well as the propeller. Flying features of the drone includes obstacle avoidance feature, gravity sense control, one key automatic return, one key landing and take-off. It has a WIFI FPV connectivity, with video camera having a 13 M and a 4K video capability.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 13 megapixel

Recording: 4K

Flight Time: 10 minutes

Price: $399 U.S

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AirSelfie Selfie drone  – we can’t argue, the “AirSelfie” is the most portable drone we have seen so far. It’s compact, there are no folding parts/moving parts except its propeller. The electronics inside as well as the propeller is enclosed in an aluminum housing which protects it from crashes and bumps. It is loaded with different sensors such as barometer, gyro, geo magnetic sensors. The AirSelfie has different modes such as selfie, selfie motion control mode and flying. The AirSelfie has an HD camera capable of shooting quality photos stored in a built in a micro-sd card slot.


Nixie Drone Specs

Nixie Wearable Selfie Drone –  this is the firs wearable drone and seems like it safe to say the only wearable drone. Check out Nixie, a drone that can be thrown like a Boomerang and it hovers, the drone can take photos as well as videos, powered by Edison Chip by Intel the drone looks more like a kids toy. But under the hood it packed a features.

Features & Specs:

Recording: 1080P

Still Under development see more information regarding Nixie

Lily Camera drone

Lily Drone Camera – another contender for selfie drone, this one might not be a pocket drone but will certainly provide quality and so far the only selfie drone here that can accompany you in your extreme sport hobby with its auto follow technology. It has a waterproof body and can track you fast and provides quality photos and videos while you are in your acrobatic stunts. Its fast with 40 km/h and  has the bragging rights to be the first throw and shoot camera drone.

Features & Specs:

Video: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps

Camera: 12 megapixel

Flight Time: 20 minutes

Price: $899

Drofie Selfie Drone

Drofie Folding Pocket Camera Drone – Drofie a pocket camera drone, according to the company it’s the world’s first Folding, Smart, Auto-Follow Camera for the pocket. The drone also supports capturing your photos in 360 degree, other features includes obstacle avoidance technology, p2p streaming and easy take-off and landing.

Features & Specs:

Camera: 15 megapixel

Price: still under development

we will update this page more with new and update selfie drones