[Download] Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini Drone User Manual

One of the newest drone in the Parrot arsenal, the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini drone. The Airborne Cargo drone is unique compared to other Parrot drone, the drone allows to be customized by attaching blocks or other accessories to the drone such as human character.


The Airborne Cargo drone carry the unique signature of Parrot, it’s agile, fast and durable, with its flying feature, do 90 , 180 degree flip or 360, the drone can do it all. Another feature that makes it attractive to drone fans is the “Free Fall Take Off”, this is a feature that auto fly the drone when you throw it in the air. Charge the drone fast, it only take 25 minutes to fully charge the drone compared to others that is 60 minutes, a fully charge drone have a 9 minute of fight time, enjoy it flying for 11 mph speed.

The Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini Drone is also equipped with camera, take photos and videos  with 640 x 680 resolution.

Here are the key features of the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini Drone

  • Equipped with Fast Charging
  • Freeflight 3 offers intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet
  • Sturdy and shock resistant, this unique Drone can be instantly customized
  • Capable of carrying a toy pilot or any kind of miniature freight, like toy blocks

If you got the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini drone whether it’s Travis or Mars see and download the user manual below:

Table of Contents

  • Charging the Battery
  • Switching on the mini drone
  • Compatibility
  • Downloading the app
  • Connecting a smartphone


  • Description of the control screen
  • Flat Trim
  • Take Off
  • Controlling the MiniDrone in Flight
  • Pre-Programmed Aerobatics
  • Adding Blocks
  • Landing
  • Battery
  • Photos
  • Retrieving or deleting photos
  • Videos


  • Max Altitude
  • Max Tilt
  • Left Handed Mode
  • Control Settings
  • Automatic Recoding
  • Max Vertical Speed
  • MAx Rotations Speed
  • Short Circuit
  • Charge Settings
  • Network Name

General Information

  • Precautions for use and maintenance
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • Battery
  • Warranty
  • Modifications
  • Recycling of Conformity
  • Registered Trademarks
  • Notice Regaring the right to privacy

Download User Manual here