Happy Cow Sky Phantom 5 CH 777-355C Quadcopter Drone Review

Looking for a drone to give to your kids without spending too much on it? You might want to check the Happy Cow Sky Phantom CH 777-355C, a drone that will surely give fun to your kid for the right price. See our review/preview of the specs and features of the drone below:

Happy Cow Sky Phantom 5

Controlling the Drone – the drone’s name might be too long to remember but its features will surely stuck to your mind, the drone has several acrobatic flying features, up down, left and right turn, forward and back, left and right side fly, air roll. Enjoy flying the drone with its several mode fast file / midrange / low gear free control. Enjoy flying the drone up to 7 minutes and control it up to 100 meters. Users who already bought the drone commented that the drone is easy to control whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

Features and Accessories – the drone do have LED lights to let you enjoy flying the drone at night, it is also equipped with low voltage alert to warned you that the drone is running out of juice. A one key return is also a good feature, to let the drone come back to your location without having a hard time navigating it. The camera that comes with the Happy Cow Sky Phantom 5 is a disappointment, especially that most of the drone right now do have at least 3 to 5 MP, the Happy Cow Sky do only have 1MP which is low I think but if not so of quality of photo is ok for you the 1MP will suffice.

OverAll – The drone look like a combination of DJI and SYMA drone with its four sturdy arms made of durable plastic materials. So far if you are going to weigh-in the price compared to its features you might say it’s pretty good. The features are basic which is good for newbie or those who want to learn on how to fly a drone without spending too much.

Happy Cow Sky Phantom 5 CH 777-355C Specs

  • Remote Distance:30-100 m
  • Charging Time:about 95 minutes
  • 6 Axis Gyroscope Stabilization System
  • Material:Plastic
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Charging Voltage:3.7V
  • Plugs Type:usb
  • Control Channels:4 Channels
  • Model Number:777-355
  • Package Includes:Batteries,Operating Instructions,Charger,Remote Controller,Camera,USB
  • Camera : 1MP

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