Insane Deadly Drone Accessories – Gun, Flamethrowers, Chainsaws

Drone is used right now in different aspect of work, from drone mapping, survey, reconnaissance, and delivery, military to drone farming. This next generation technology does have a lot of applications. Right now drone is mostly used by military, drone hobbyist as well as photographer and videographer.

So far users attached gimbal with action camera to take photos and videos, but of course some drone hobbyist push it to the next level by attaching crazy accessories for drones. It looks amazing but crazy, these accessories are stuff of nightmares and looks more like it came right straight from a horror movie.

Drone with Chainsaw

Drone with Chainsaw – on our list this is our first pick, the effect of the chainsaw attach to a drone is top notch scary. If Jack the Ripper will pick his tool of crime, this will be in his top 5 pick. This idea of chainsaw on a drone came from Finnish filmmaker, a video shows flying drone ripping off to a snowman, balloons in very cold winter.

HandGun on a Drone

HandGun on a Drone – this one has been the subject of debate and controversy, the 14 second video made headlines, a weaponized drone is prohibited but it did not stop hobbyist to experiment and load their drone with a weapon. A video by Hawgwit shows the drone firing four times.

Drone FlameThrower

Drone FlameThrower – Austin Haughwort with his drone gun is not finish yet, he posted another video showing a drone with a flamethrower, not as a tool for destruction but for cooking but it could go either way.


Machine Gun on Drones – this is scary, a video shows a machine installed on drone creating havoc on human mannequins, it looks damn scary. But this video was found out to be a hoax, but still it went viral and people says the this technology is not far fetch.