Airbus THOR Drone Unveiled

The giant aircraft manufacturing company unveiled its new drone in the 2016 International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin Germany.

Airbus THOR drone

Airbus showed the 4 meter long 3D printed drone, yes its Airbus and their drone is printed, for the past several years Airbus ventured into 3D printing for its planes, seeing the benefits of 3D printing, Airbus pushed its research and development on this area. The fixed wing drone is called “THOR”, acronym for Test of High Tech Objectives in Reality.

The UAV is powered by a two electronic engines, has already tested to reach up to 40 km distance. So far Airbus did not unveil any more details about the full specifications of the drone, as the THOR drone is still in its development, it will still even  undergo 18 more test mission this 2016.

So far here are the details on the Airbus THOR drone

Composed of 50 3D Printed Parts

Engines: two electric engines

Length: 4 meters

Weight: 25 kilos