Russia Plans to Develop a Kamikaze Drone

Remember that we wrote an article before, that Israel have developed a Kamikaze drone to combat enemies, the Harop drone is a missile in itself and was designed to target enemy air-defense systems.

Yakovlev_Pchela drone

The Russian drone Yakovlev Pchela-1T

This time another country is planning to employ such weaponry in its arsenal, Russia is also planning to own a squad of Kamikaze drone, the plan is to load the drone with explosives and will have a one-way mission. It will simply hit the intended target with bomb onload. Its not yet known if Russia will make a new drone model or it will just modify existing drones in its arsenal, Russia do have several drone fleet in its weaponry that can be easily updated and configured to be a Kamikaze drone, drone includes Orlan-10, Yakovlev Pchela-1T, ZALA 421-08 and ZALA 421-12

According to the report, using Kamikaze drone is much cheaper than missiles and could easily avoid being detected by enemy radar due to its sall radar signature. It might not be that fast and precise compared to a cruise missile but will certainly be able to achieve its intended mission, a Kamikaze drone is designed and made to be the first line of defense against enemy.