Flirtey Drone Delivery with its Six Rotor Drone

Drone delivery is here, as Flirtey successfully demonstrated the worlds first delivery technology in the U.S.A. The Australian company based in Nevada demoed the first drone delivery system technology.

Flirtey Drone Delivery

The drone demoed by delivering medical supplies to Lonesome Pine Airport in Virginia in fully autonomous system. The Drone Flirtey Drone  a six rotor drone hovers and lowers the delivery package to the intended location, it lowered a package containing bottled water, emergency food supplies and first aid kit.

Conducting the first drone delivery in an urban setting is a major achievement, taking us closer to the day that drones make regular deliveries to your front doorstep,” said Matt Sweeny, CEO of Flirtey. “Drone delivery by Flirtey is set to save lives and change lifestyles”.

If you are wondering why Flirtey was able to demo the system despite the ongoing battle on the regulation of the FAA for drones, well it was able to get the go signal of the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) of course subject to some rules and controlled conditions, as well as the Flirtey drone 2 do have some built in safety features, the 3D printed drone us equipped with low GPS signal auto-return home as well as low battery return.

See the video demo below of the package drop