FlyPro XEagle Smartwatch Controlled Drone Review

We don’t have the complete details on this drone, so we will give you a quick review of what this smartwatch controlled drone is all about.

xegagle_drone XEagle Drone_Auto_Follow_Smartwatch

The FlyPro Xeagle according to the report is equipped with multiple intelligent security protection as well as automate obstacle avoidance system. Unlike other drone that can be controlled by a remote control or a smartwatch with the aid of an app, the Xeagle can be controlled via voice commands with its sophisticated speech recognition technology.

It was featured last CES 2016 and received a lot of positive reviews, especially the obstacles avoidance feature that can detect osbtacles at a distance of 0.1 to 15 meters. The photo and video recording is also great with a high speed of 15 /sec holding , the camera is a smart gimbal with follow function.

See Features and Specs

  • Simple, One-Click Smartwatch Piloting Controls
  • Smartwatch Enables Full View, 360°
  • Real-time transmissions of 4k HD Video and WIFI repeaters
  • Smartwatch displays important parameters
  • GPS & Dual Compasses
  • Automatically records voltage, GPS information, flight attitude
  • 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • Auto-tracking Gimbal
  • We will bring you more news on the FlyPro Xeagle drone… so stay tuned…