Items Prisoners Smuggled in Prisons using Drones

You won’t believe the list of items that inmates and their accomplice smuggle in prison using high tech equipment drones.

drones in prison

Yes its not all about the hobbyist and the military that uses drone for a purpose, even hardened criminals are going high tech to smuggle something inside the prison,  the tools of the trade “ Drones”. Well no matter how high-tech or how sneaky they are in using drones to smuggle a contraband inside the prison, not all smuggling is successful, law enforcement was able to apprehend some and here are the craziest and weirdest things that police officers was able to block from being smuggled inside the prison using drones.

Well here are some of the top items smuggled in prison using drones:

Drugs – cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy pills, heroin and other form of drugs. These are on the top of the list of items being smuggled inside the prison using drones. Almost every month there is a report of captured drones with drugs as the package.

Tobacco – yes of course, those who are used to smoking cigarettes and when in jail will be having a hard time as withdrawal sits in. Although no harm done, still it is illegal to smuggle tobacco inside the prison, especially using drone to sneak in some few classy tobaccos.

Guns – aside form tobacco and drugs, prisoners also used drones to smuggle weapons. The favorite hand guns, its the only cargo that the drone can carry and fit into the body. One of the cases is the drone captured in North Brand Correctional Institution in Western England.

Porn DVD’s and Magazine – the sexual urge cannot be stop even inside the prison. Its human nature, not even walls, electric fences and guards armed with guns can stop prisoners from satisfying their human needs. Drone is the answer, drone is the tool to deliver the goods, porn videos and porn magazines.

Cellphones – mobile phones is also one of the fave by prisoners to smuggle in, usually via a package or a just sneaking in fast during a visit but now, drone is becoming the mainstream to smuggle in mobile phones inside the prison.

Bolt Cutters and hacksaw blade- when all else fails and outside the prison is the only solution, well escaping from the prison is the answer. Prisoners in England used drones to carry bolt cutter and drop it inside the prison, while in Oklahoma prisoner  attempt to smuggle hacksaw blade. The discovery of bolt cutter suggest that prisoners are planning to use the tools to cut fences and escape.