Bonadrone’s 3D Printed Drone – Mosquito

Mosquito, this is the first 3d printed drone created by the company Bonadrone, yes it is 3D printed and the company is aiming to enhance and push the new project to the next level by putting the project in Indiegogo.


The mosquito drone is modular and customizable making it easy and fun for the drone enthusiast to assemble and personalize the drone. This is a great idea from Bonadrone and it will help usher the new era for drone enthusiast. The company is based in Barcelona, the idea is great as it will bring creativity to drone enthusiast, letting them choose the color, accessories and other parts of the drone based on their liking.

So far the 3D printed drone will surely teach you to learn how to create your own personalize drone, assemble, repair and customize, speed up and optimize your drone to your liking.