Brooklyn Drones NYC – First Drone Store in New York

With the popularity of the drone so is the aerial photography and other cool new hobby that is related to drones. Despite its popularity only few store in the country catered solely to drones.

Brooklyn Drone nYC

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In New York City, a stock broker and a former mortgage broker decided to put up a store created to drone enthusiast. Mr. Roger Kapsalis drones store allow customers to test out the drone first before buying one. Aside from testing the drone customers can also ask questipons direct from the experts. This is a good idea as most drone buyers just buy it oneline without even trying to test the drone first hand as well as knowing the details on the drone.

We expect that in years to come more drone store will be put up in malls and other business district. I think a drone store is a must as it will help users buy the perfect drone for them and not just buying drone online blindly.