Nixie Drone – Wearable Drones

When we thought that all of the ideas for a unique drone has runt out, well another pops-out. Introducing Nixie drone, the UAV is the first wearable drone. It is advertise as a companion drone for those who love taking photoes/video anywhere, antyime..

No need to bring a bulky drone your activity, just wear the drone and you have the drone with your anytime you need it. Although the drone is still in its development stage, it has already several cool features. The Boomerang mode, throw it  and automatically it takes photos of you then flies back to you. Follow you mode, a great feature for sport enthusiast, despite the size, it tales 1080p videos which is great despite the size.

Nixie Drone Specs

So far no details on its complete specifications, what we know so far is that its uses Edision Chip to track and avoid obstacles. We don’t know if the inventor of Nixie will be able to do the most difficult challenge on Nixie, that is to make it compatible to wear and not bulky, packed the bits and pieces of amazing technology in one small body.