Little Ripper Shark Spotting Drone – See Specs

Little Ripper, the $250,000 Shark spotting drone has been launched by Westpac. The new drone is life saving drone that can provide an early detection of sharks with its real time sensor and pattern recognition algorithms.

Little Ripper drone

The drone is far from the typical quadcopter or fixed wing drone. Little Ripper is a helicopter type of drone, it will be able to monitor the NSW coastlines, Newcastles, Hawkes Nest as well as Byron Bay. It is operated by two people and can travel and monitor coastline for 1 hour with an altitude of 12,000 ft. The drone provides 50 Mbps of data, its not just about Shark spotting that the drone can do, it is also used as a search and rescue mission drone, monitoring accidents, floods, cycloes and other natural disasters.

Little Ripper Specifications

Hover Endurance: Max 45 min
Cruise Endurance: Max 1 hour
Data Link: 5 miles and 50 Mbps
Ceiling: 400 ft
Wind Tolerance: 66 kbps
Weight: 25 kg
Height:58 mm
Rotor Diameter: 2, 280 mm