Drone Racing the New Tech Sport?

Drone Racing the Future? We all know drone has become popular for the past two years, drone photography and videography made it popular and capture the imagination of young tech enthusiast looking for a new hobby to spend their time.

But another activity that is now getting a lot of attention and might become a mainstream in drone hobby/sport. Introducing “Drone Racing”, if you are not are not familiar with it well its an unmanned aerial vehicle flying, racing, like a flying vehicle in a Star Wars movie. Operators or what we called drone pilot is equipped with FPV (First Person View).

ARRIS X-Speed FPV250 FPV 250 Racer Racing Drone

Drone Racing is still in its infancy, yet its already have a lot of drone followers ( See DRL) around the world and counting as you read this. To be honest its a pretty exciting game, intensifying, it is mixed with speed action (drones colliding, crashing) and precision engineering as drone nerds try to fix and optimized their drone to perform well fast and agile, like a Formula 1 or NASCAR race. See the list of our best Drone Racing Drones here at smalldronesreview.com

Drone Racing has a potential to be a multi-billion dollar industry, not just in drones and accessories but also in product sponsorship. So guys don’t be surprise if one of these days you might see an update of drone racing in CNN Sports, BBC or ESPN.