Top Chinese Drone Manufacturers and Brands

We all know that China right now is losing its appeal when it comes to manufacturing, the economy right now is in a new record low (as the time of this writing) and seems like this will not end soon as more manufacturers are moving to other countries for several economic reasons. China has been also known as the place where most of the mobile phones is manufactured or assembled. The manufacturing industry for mobile phones is in a tough year as other mobile phone manufacturers in other countries is also competing to get a slice of the multi-billion industry.

DJI 3 4K specs

With all of this problems and issues that China is facing, there is one and new industry that is emerging in China, and might bring billions of earnings to tech companies in year to come. Introducing the “Drone” industry, yes China is becoming the center of drone manufacturing, and Shenzen might be considered as the drone manufacturers Mecca, as well all know top and best drone brands are mostly manufactured in China, designed and developed by popular drone brands.

According to the latest report China is fast becoming the hub for drone manufacturing, and it is expected that about 3 million drones will exported out of China in the years to come. Anyways we compiled several popular drone manufacturers and here are our top list of Chinese drone manufacturers and brands.

DJI – the most popular brand and manufacturer, made famous by their video and photography drone DJI Phantom series. The company is located in Shenzen China, founded 2006, now the company has several offices worldwide and in the front line of producing top of the line drones both for recreational and commercial. Other products includes camera gimbals, rotors, flight controllers, drone accessories.

Popular Drones by DJI: Phantom 3, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 1. Recently DJI ventured into farming, with their DJI Agras MG-1

JJRC – another Chinese drone manufacturing company, known for manufacturing recreational drones that are affordable

Popular Drones by JJRC – JJRC H8C, H6D, H8D and H12C

Yuneec – another popular Chinese company, but now with offices in United States, started making electric powered aircraft such as electric glider and other manned aircraft, but Yuneec became popular with its mode electric aircraft. Now they ventured into drones making quality high end drone., products also  includes  high end  flight control and video  accessories for drones.

Popular Drones by Yuneec   – Typhoon Series,  Typhoon H, Typhoon  H920 Tornado CGO4

Ehang –  Chinese company based in Guangzhou, China, specializing in smart drone R&D, manufacturing and sales.  Services includes aerial cinematography, photography, and survey missions.

Popular Drones by Ehang – Ghost Drone 2.0,  recently unveiled the world’s first passenger drone the Ehang  184

Hubsan   –  the choice of  drone hobbyist due to variety of choice and affordable drones, the Hubsan is a consumer drone company based in Shenzen China, products includes, model airplane, quadcopter drones and FPV.

Popular Drones by Hubsan – Hubsan X4 Series, Hubsan X4 Plus, Hubsan Camera, Nano Q4, Hubsan H5, Hubsan H10.

UdiRC – another popular drone maker for hobbyist the company is based in China, products include remote control products such as drone, cars and speedboat. UdiRC is one of the companies in the lists with a variety of  choices for drones.

Popular Drones by UdiRC – U818A HD, U818A HD, Falcon U842  and Discovery WIFI (U818A WIFI)

Syma – from Guangdong China, the company is expert in producing quality hobby toys such as remote controlled helicopters and quadcopter drones.

Popular Drones by Syma – Syma X54HW, X54HC, X8HC and X8HW, Syma X5C made the Syma more popular due to its affordability and features.

We will update this page with more additional well known Chinese drone manufacturers, stay tuned…