Barbie Goes High Tech with Drone Hoverboard

The Toymaker Mattel just made “Barbie” goes high tech. So what is the best and timely accessory for Barbie? Of course “Drones”, its  the next generation of tech toy, so it is just right to make Barbie have it also.

Barbie on Quadcopter Drones

Barbie the iconic toy of Mattel and of course a toy that every girl kids are wishing to have on their birthday. for several years Mattel’s Barbie is losing its shine, I guess having Barbie on a drone is a way to energize and attract the new generation of kids that is tech savvy. Mattel introduced the Barbie with a drone hovering at the New York annual Toy Fair.

Riding on a drone,  Barbie or shall we say Drone Barbie looks cute on top of a quadcopter. I guess Mattel tweaked the drone to have a more lifting power due to the added weight of the doll, coming this fall 2016, the drone Barbie will cost $60 U.S dollars, and will surely attract Barbie collectors as well as next generation of girls collecting Barbie.