John Taylor’s Lawsuit on FAA Over Drone Registration

John Taylor the man of the hour, he is the first or shall we say the only person to file a case against FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) over drone registration.

Federal Aviation Drone Registration

According to the report, John Taylor filed a lawsut on FAA over the drone registration program. According to Taylor, FAA violated the section 336 of the 2012 FAA modernization and reform act. Anyways what is section 336? The rules prohibit the Federal Aviation Administration to create new rules and regulations regarding any model aircraft.

This case by John Taylow is a case of modern David vs Goliath, FAA has all the means and funds to counter this case filed by Taylor, it might take months or year before it will be decided and will take a lot of time and resources. But according to Taylor he will continue his case against FAA, other drone organization is already backing John Taylor and providing financial assitance gather through donations.

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