ProDrone Byrd Quadcopter Drone Preview/Review

ProDrone got a new batch of drones in their arsenal, check out the ProDrone Byrd Quadcopter drone. It’s a drone built for aerial photography and cinematography. So far there are three choices for the ProDrone Byrd.


The standard, with a 25 minute flight time, and can be controlled up to 500 meters, it comes with 1080P camera. The advance, 29 minute of flight time and up 2km distance it comes also with GoPro Gimbal and the premium with 29 minute of flight time also and 2 km distance it comes with a 4K video capture capability.

ProDrone Byrd Quadcopter Drone

All of the drone do have a Thexder standard remote controller with a three axis stability augmentation gimbal. The ProDrone is known for its ease of use and portability, its no wonder why the Byrd was created with the same goal, the ProDrone Byrd can be brought anywhere with its arms, propellers and landing gear that is collapsable folding the drone into an iPad size package, with this it can be easily packed intor a back pack.

Features of the ProDrone ByrdDrone:

  • Follow Me Mode
  • Powerful Propulsion System
  • Screen Sharing
  • Longer Flight Time
  • Vision Positioning
  • One Key Return Home
  • HD Transmission
  • One Button Take Off Landing